HSM Shredder Securio AF300CC

HSM Shredder Securio AF300CC

by HSM

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  • Model No : Securio AF300CC
  • SKU : Securio AF300CC
  • Weight : 20.34 Kilogram
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HSM SECURIO AF-line: Innovative, convenient and time-saving. The autofeed paper shredders of the AF-line with Nanogrip Technology combine functionality and ease of use. For the reliable and easy shredding of stacks of paper and individual sheets of paper.

Parallel operation: Autofeed and manual feed of paper possible. Useful dual function: During the autofeed stack processing, it is possible to manually feed paper at the same time.
Nanogrip for reliable sheet intake: The document shredder with autofeed has a specially developed intake and transport rollers which use Nanogrip Technology. This enables sheet after sheet to be pulled in securely from the stack of paper.
Time-saving and comfortable: Paper stacks of up to 500 sheets can be put into the magazine and destroyed automatically.
Lock-and-Go function: It is possible to secure the paper stack inserted into the magazine against unauthorized access by using the Lock-and-Go function. To this end, an individual security code is saved on a USB medium per stack processing. After starting, the shredding process can only be interrupted by the owner of the USB medium.

Model: Securio AF300CC
Cutting Type: Cross Cut
Shredded Size : 1.9 x 15mm
Insertion Width: 240mm
Cutting Capacity: 8-10 sheets
Bin Size: 34 litres