HSM Shredder Securio AF150C

HSM Shredder Securio AF150C

by HSM

RM 3,200.00

  • Model No : Securio AF150C
  • SKU : Securio AF150C
  • Weight : 19.6 Kilogram
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HSM SECURIO AF-line: Innovative, convenient and time-saving. The autofeed paper shredders of the AF-line with Nanogrip Technology combine functionality and ease of use. For the reliable and easy shredding of stacks of paper and individual sheets of paper.

Parallel operation: Autofeed and manual feed of paper possible. Useful dual function: During the autofeed stack processing, it is possible to manually feed paper at the same time.
Nanogrip for reliable sheet intake: The document shredder with autofeed has a specially developed intake and transport rollers which use Nanogrip Technology. This enables sheet after sheet to be pulled in securely from the stack of paper.
Time-saving and comfortable: Paper stacks of up to 500 sheets can be put into the magazine and destroyed automatically.

The simple and convenient method of data destruction in the workplace. The document shredder with an automatic paper feed shreds stacks of paper with up to 150 sheets as well as single sheets of paper effortlessly whilst saving you time.

Model: Securio AF150C
Cutting Type: Cross Cut
Shredded Size : 4.5 x 30mm
Insertion Width: 240mm
Cutting Capacity: 8-10 sheets
Bin Size: 34 litres