GBC Binding Machine ThermaBind T200

GBC Binding Machine ThermaBind T200

by GBC

RM 530.00

  • Model No : ThermaBind T200
  • SKU : ThermaBindT200
  • Weight : 1 Kilogram
  • Stock Status : Ready Stock

Thermal binding T400 built for medium to high office use.

Ideal for general office use, the ThermaBind T200 adds a stylish ‘perfect bound’ look to documents and presentations. 

Model: Thermal Bind T200
Max. Binding Length: A4 (297mm)
Max. Binding Capacity: 200 sheets
Binding Time: 40 seconds
Intergrated Cooling Tray: Yes
Dimensions: 475 x 176 x 110
Weight: 1.19kg